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There are the materials of jewelry we carry on.

1. Stainless Steel.
2. Tungsten Steel (Carbide Tungsten).

3. Cubic Zirconia & CZ Crystal.

4. Geniune Leather, PU Leather.



What we do NOT carry:

1. Copper / Brass.

2. Iron steel, 201 / 202/ 301 stainless steel, recycling stainless steel.

3. Zinc, Aluminium, Alloy etc.


Product Lines:

1. Skull jewelry, gothic/punk style, biker jewelry.

2. Engraved fashion jewelry.

3. Stainless Steel Chain in Jewelry.


Main making technologies:

1.  Casting:

Model-making. -- Mouldmaking. --Wax. --Removal of wax. --Chasing. --Spruing. --Slurry. -- Burnout. -- Testing. --Pouring. --Release. --Metal-chasing. -- aging treatment -- Polishing.

2. Engraving.

a, CNC Engraving.b. Punching. c. Linearing cut. d. polishing. c. Stone settings.


In-stock Wholesale:

1. Almost all items displayed on are to be in-stock, and can be shipped out in 3days.

2. Designs not found on our site, we can either source of manufacture for you. Please contact: