New Arrivals in Auguest

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Here is official blog of In this post, we would like to introduce our new arrivals in Auguest.

Total 398 new designs released on our site. All items are carried by dongguan longli shipin company, which is our company located in Dongguan, China. logo源文件02-1


Here we would like to recommend some designs.

  1. dumbbell pendant. lift pendant
  2. Rainbow (homosexual) jewelry making.rainbow Our factory have mastered the technologies and experience of making rainbow series.
  3. women short necklaces (highlights: casting stainless steel short necklaces for women)
    casting 316L SS swan pendant necklace.casting short necklaces
    casting stainless steel short necklace for women.
  4.  Stainless steel couple jewelry.



Our Stainless Steel Jewelry Plating technology and Coating lifecycle

Stories about plating happen from time to time along side my career in s.s jewelry. Lessons most of the time. The other day, one customer told me that her rhodium plating jewelry from other China suppliers get fade off after some monthes, and had to drop the supplier.

A year back, when doing initial business discuss with one Italy fashion jewelry giant, they applied serious warn on our plating. Because, they ever closed two stores because of bad plating on the jewelry.

Another story is about a Brazil buyer and a Yiwu jewelry maker. I was helping the Brazilian buyer to do checking and deliver order to him. I had a look at the jewelry. It was gorgeous design, looking very well. However, after 4 monthes, he told me that the jewelry ordered all fade quickly. Can sell no more. OMG… What a pity! He then had to close this project.


Well enough, jewelry plating is much important and impact the quality significant. It is also pity that a supplier fail on the plating part.

Now how could this happen?  Reasons could be:

  1. Plating technologies. There are different plating technologies in jewelry field. One is Electroplating.


The another is PVD.x1_1.1348070400_670_502_108945


PVD is the most advanced and most adapted in our stainless steel jewelry industrial in Guangdong area, China. It lasts 1-2 years. While the other is not.

Another reason is the material. Brass plating usually last 3monthes.


2. Production area. Generally, two main areas in China produce fashion jewelry, one is Guangdong (including Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen), the other is Zhejiang (Like Yiwu city, Ningbo). Guangdong makers master better technologies of PVD, also other processes. Therefore, to get better quality stainless steel jewelry, better come to Guangdong vendors. offers jewelry from Guangdong Area, and we are much responsible for the plating quality of every product from us.

Hope this will give a simple clause of your jewelry purchase.




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How do we ship each and every order place on

This is a question always come up from our customers who cooperate with us at first time.

Let’s move the the question.

How do we ship each and every order place on
—Re: We do shipping by international express methods, such as DHL, UPS,Fedex, TNT,Aramex etc.


When doing checkout, our system will calculated out the right shipping cost automatically. is an online ordering system based jewelry wholesale outlet.

Shipping Method

Here is a link of how to “place an order on”. —


My Favorite Jewelry — Stainless Steel Bike Chain Bracelet By

As time goes by, I have been in jewelry business for over 5 years. Every day I am with Stainless Steel jewelry designs. New arrivals, customizing order samples,  returned products, etc, there are all in front of working table everyday. And we are free to pick a piece to wear on it. To feel it, to be with it. So many items we tried. Me, too.


After a long period of time, I found there is a bike chain bracelet always around my table. I prefer to put on it when going out too. This do recalls my old memory its origin and story behinds.

A selfie of it first.




Then, here is the story of this bracelet.

Two years, one UK brand asked us to customize a series of SS jewelry. Sample first. We did 2 pcs per design, one for us, one sent to customer. Afterwards, the customer decided to accept this sample but changing finishing to brush polishing instead of bright polishing. So removed the LOGO parts of this sample, and left on my table for quite a while. From time to time, I put it on with no particular attention. Under many occasions, just found it matches me well. And and intend to put on it more. This is not much punk, and not much personalized, quite be with city life here. A jewelry with everyday, not disturbing a life, but add on some “positive elements” to me would be great.





Some thing about writer:

Name: Sanyo.F (Fan Wenbin)
Working company: Guangzhou Jinxian Jewellery CO.,LTD(HK), Dongguan Longli Jewelry CO.,Ltd
Serving Platform:
Position: Head of Customer Support of


A tip for gobal jewelry buyers — What is the best online stainless steel jewelry wholesale Store in the world?

Thailand is best known as one of the main jewelry manufacturing region in the world, espcailly vintage silver jewelry making. As a world factory, China is also one of the main jewelry silver jewelry making area. As a matter of fact, its share of silver is inceasing these years. Per my experience in jewelry field, jewelry making technologies & manufacturing capacity is growing all the time. Moreover, China is the biggest titanium/stainless steel jewelry maker in the world now, which are similar to silver jewelry.

Indeed, China stainless steel jewelry industrial is growing all the time these years. Along with its fast grow, there is also a rapid grow of jewelry vendors in China. Especially in recent 5 years, 60% stainless  steel jewelry vendors have emerged to promote stainless steel jewelry against other alloy jewelry. A quite variety of jewelry company in China actually. Among the jewelry companies, how to find a right stainless steel vendor to cooperate with is a headache problem for some of the interenational buyers/dealers. As the development of e-commerce, more and more China jewelry companies have set up their online website, and even online stores, publishing thousands of designs to help buyers elect designs or even order online directly. In this post, we would like to make a summary of the main online stainless steel jewelry online stores in the world, and analysis of them to help you better in selection.


When google “stainless steel jewelry wholesale”, the most come to sight online s.s jewelry sites are:

  1. 3. 4,, etc.


316Lsteel is a Thailand ss jewelry company, distributor, and manufacturer. It is a well known jewelry company in the world, with good reputation, and a very nice designed store delivering excellent shopping viber. Meanwhile, it is also a company with close connection with some China manufacturer, especially ss vintage casting jewelry. Quality and price both are good. However, from its price level on site will know more of its secrets.

Powell & sskalen are almost emerged in the same time, that was 8 years ago. And now are among the main jewelry vendors with wholesale showroom in jewelry market, and have a factory to produce part of the designs they carry. However, not all the designs are manufacturered by their own factory, on the contrast, 90% of them are not. Price is quite ok, and sskalen has promotion of 88% discount off, that is quite seducing :-D. But their site structure are much less advanced than  Actually, their site structure is based on wordpress. It was actually a design displaying site, instead of online ordering system. is owned by XuPing jewelry company which is one of the biggest gold plating brass/copper jewelry company in China. Might be the biggest one in China. However, it is not a specialist in stainelss steel jewelry. And has not production line of ss jewelry. is also know as “spikes”, is one of the biggest stainless stee piercing jewelry and ss jewelry in U.S.A.  It was like 5 years ago, he started to cooperate with  one China trading company and distribute orders to factories in Guangdong China. They have a very good online ordering system, and their develop their own designs and brands. Price and quality is quite competitive in U.S, CA as well. It is very strong in U.S, however, HollyWoodBodyJewelry carry branding jewelry, and not adapting designs among markets. is quite similar as sskalen and The difference is that is intially designed as an online ordering system, which enables it to process order more efficiantly, and time-saving for buyers too. The base structure of site is much comparable with and Meanwhile, it integrates the advantages as sskalen and Designs updating everymonth, and maintance of stock every week to make sure what ordered by buyers are to be delivered out as promised as much as possible. Its price is quite competitive against all of the main stainles steel jewelry suppliers in the world. And moreover, its price is flexible and negotiable, when communicating with customer support.

At the end, the above online stores are all real ss jewelry vendors instead of scams. And their are professional in wholesaling ss jewelry. Briefly, they are among the top choices for your stainless steel jewelry business!

I forgot my password, how to retrive access?

It could be a little bit trouble happening to forget the login password, which was set before (probably first time when registered). In this case, you can reset your account’s password.

Here is are the steps to follow:

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Is there a company behind

It is very common to come across a beatiful website, where can see big clean office, a number of employees, and even a busy factory. While, in fact, it might be just only one or two people who fake all in a dim room.

In our case, is owned by Guangzhou Jinxian Jewellery CO.,LTD, which is a legally registered company both in Hongkong and China. There is a professional team who work behind it too.

Our company founded 4 years ago. Now we have quite experience running wholesale jewelry business both international and domestic business!Not only wholesale to overseas buyers, but also to China resellers.

Altough we don’t have any Alibaba store/ Amazon/ eBay/ aliexpress store so far,  we have, and wholesaling store. Altough we do not have a store in wholesale market, we do have a warehouse nearby the biggest stainless steel jewelry market in Guangzhou — XiJiao Plaza.

We are this kind of company which ultimate the power of internet, and control administration cost to lowest, therefore, to make more competitive offers to buyers around the world.


A Quality issue of Stainless Steel Rope Chain

Month ago, I got batches of stock from a friend, who quit jewelry business, and go on with his old business.

Last day, after sorting some of the chain, we try to pack some rope chain for an order. So we got the right length and diameter, then, noting than this is not the rope chains which we used to sell although specs are same. So just a simple pull and drag test. And …


It broke! Yes, easily broke! I was astonished, and tried again, same result. And kept on trying other pcs from differet packs acting as a random test. Unfortunately, same happened! That is… Total over than 400pcs of rope chain from 2mm-5mm! My God!23147

After that, we tested again the rope chains we used to supply. And they are fine. Thanks God! However, the quality issue rope chains bring me a big problem, because there is no way we can sell them! And hardly can return back, just a loss for us to bear with 🙁

Bad luck. Anyway, at least we killed this problem before delivering them out to our own customers 🙂


When looking back the causes, we found that it is not about the material. It is true S.S, not alloy, not 201ss, not 202ss, it is 304SS. Then why it is so fragile? I believe it is the way they made is wrong, and no quality test before selling! What a pity. Almost same cost of material and procedures, and labor. But no value, just a rubbish!3200

Here we not to complaining, even a professional purchaser may ignore this issue too. And even the maker was not intending to do this. They may not know too. We are lucky, and we are more strict, and a good habit of verifying unknow sources. Therefore, we caught it. If you would like to have a discussion or need some help of purchasing stainless steel jewelry, we are available as always to help.


Wish you a smooth purchase!



Business Registration Certificate — Year 2016-2017

Here we just want to clarify that is not run just by some individuals only. Instead, we have companies both registrated in Mainland China, and HongKong, China.

Orders placed on not only protected by Paypal terms, but by Guangzhou Jinxian Jewellery CO.,LTD, and in name of “Guangzhou Jinxian Jewellery CO.,LTD” (and same of its Chinese name registered in China).

We are able to offer all nessessary documents of our company to our clients to prove that our company is all qualified of doing business with.

Registration Renew

Thanks for your reading and time!

Kind Regards