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We are the new generation entrepreneur in the field of fashion jewelry, especially stainless steel jewelry. The online ordering platform --, is created to represent the newest designs, the best price, the hottest products, the best quality of stainless steel jewelry in China. It is the stainless steel factory-outlet. Located in the biggest stainless steel jewelry market (Xijiao Plaza), in comprehensive connection with factories in both Dongguang and Guangzhou behinds showrooms in market, we are much empowered to do a more competitive job to value more of our customers.


Our company (Guangzhou Jinxian Jewellery CO.,LTD (HK) & Dongguan Longli Jewelry CO.,LTD) established 3 years ago, but our one of our team members already been specializing in this field more 12 years.


To display products what we are confident and be able to responsible for, to deliver instantly what our customers paid for, are what we are dedicated to achieve to! We are different that the whole system of our business is based on this aim fundamentally.


Beyond in-stock wholesale on site, our extra service in efficient and excellent communication and sourcing help more customers in their business too.


Not only wholesale, we have been offering OEM / ODM service to fashion companies in Italy, UK, U.S, etc. Competitive price available for customizing production (reproduction) orders.


Please consider us as one of your business partner. We do can help you in terms of different aspects. We make it be, while others talk; We do better to approaching perfect, while others only do. is the best online wholesale plaza of stainless steel jewelry, ‘s Customer Support is a reliable team you can depend on beyond our site.